Pia is a qualified Thai chef with a passion for authentic flavors and methods. A native of the Isaan region of North-East Thailand, her menu ranges from classic cuisine of Bangkok to the earthy, herby flavours of her home region. Pia will bring you an experience of Thai cuisine very different from typical high-street restaurants. She is passionate about cooking from scratch, using only high quality natural ingredients, creating amazing flavour combinations and stunning presentation.

Pia is also an engaging speaker who loves to demonstrate her art and weave Thai culture and language into the whole meal experience.

Pia offers corporate catering, private chef services and private cooking classes in the South Bay area. She supplies original cooking equipment from Thailand, and her own prepared ingredients, for those making authentic Thai dishes at home. And if you are traveling to Thailand, you can take a class at the home of a local chef selected by Pia.

Pia’s Thai Kitchen offers exciting flavours and eye-catching presentation for corporate events and meetings. We design the menu and settings for your audience, and are experienced at adapting to all dietary requirements. Our emphasis is on both high-quality of food and attractive presentation for a event designed to impress. Please contact us for a site visit and tasting.

For private dining at home or for family or special occasions, Pia can cook in your home or offsite and serve you at your table. For a special event, we can plan the individual touches and the perfect menu combination for your guests. We bring that legendary Thai courtesy and refinement to your home, serving you unobtrusively in the background. Alternatively, chef Pia can introduce the dishes and their story to your guests as part of the experience. Or if you are hosting a last-minute party and you need great food in a short time, call us and find out what we can do for you.

Pia is an outgoing and engaging teacher who loves to share her culinary secrets. Whether you are an enthusiastic home chef expanding your repertoire, you need to impress a special someone on date night, or want a pop-up cooking demonstration as a fun social event, Pia will make sure you come away with both new skills and a delicious experience. Pia can also share with you where to source Thai ingredients locally. Cooking classes can be held at your home or a third-party venue in your local area.
Yes, if you are going to Thailand, and want to learn cooking there, Pia can arrange private classes for you with selected local chefs who share Pia’s passion for authentic and traditional Thai cuisine. Drawing on her experience in running a Trip Advisor top-ranked home cooking class in Bangkok, Pia can arrange everything to suit your schedule, including transport, market visits to learn about the ingredients, menu selection based on your skill level and dietary requirements, plus translation, guides and advice if needed.

Authentic Thai cooking needs the right equipment and ingredients. For those serious about preparing Thai food like a native, Pia's Thai Kitchen can offer you original imported equipment which is sturdy, practical and attractive, such as wooden and stone grinding mortars, clay pots, bamboo rice steamers and sticky rice baskets. Pia also offers hand-made curry pastes and sauces for you to enjoy at home.

Pia has been cooking her whole life, learning her skills her mother and aunts using traditional techniques, preparing dishes from scratch using market-fresh ingredients, with nothing packaged or processed. As a native of Thailand 's North Eastern Isaan region, she not only cooks classical Thai cuisine, but also the rustic, herby and spicy dishes characteristic of her home town and unlike anything you will see in “high street” Thai restaurants.

Having moved with her family to the Bay Area, Pia now enjoys delighting her guests with Thai and Isaan dishes. While some of the more unusual ingredients for Thai cuisine are not available in California, Pia has sourced nearly all the key ingredients to create authentic flavors and is ready to share her secrets with you.

Pia is a lively and entertaining host if you are looking for classes, demonstrations or an interactive home cooking experience.
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